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What is Auto-ID?

Auto-ID is a collection of technologies including Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID), Barcodes and Electronic Sensor technologies that automatically identify something and/or report information about something they are attached to.

What is Auto-ID used for?

Auto-ID is used in a wide range of businesses for a very wide range of purposes, from identifing and tracking products in the supply chain to identifing personell and controlling their access as they enter or exit an area. Securing payments or authenticating products as genuine, even providing information about where an item is globally and what the temperature and humidity is in real time.

How can Auto-ID help me?

If you need to speed up or more accurately count items of stock, track stock automatically (live and unattended), identify objects and locations or record data regularly and report on it, Auto-ID will be of advantage to you.

How does ALOID help with Auto-ID?

The ALOID platform allows to you to agregate Auto-ID data from many technologies & platforms and feed it into your existing business systems or provide reporting on Auto-ID data. If you have not yet utilised any Auto-ID technologies, ALOID can provide full Cradle-to-Grave management of your Auto-ID assets, data and reporting.
Please contact adjacentLabs to discuss your requirements or for an overview of Auto-ID technologies.

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